How To Tell If Gold Is Real

how to tell if gold is real
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With the current price of gold many people in today’s economy are cashing out their gold jewelry .  Many of our first time visitors are often quite shocked when they come to the realization that their jewelry is not gold. In this article we will share some helpful tips on how to tell if gold is real.

Many jewelry stores at the mall or larger department store advertise a beautiful ring and in large font write

14k Fine Gold

and in small print write

Gold Plated

The truth is there is a lot of gold, and silver plate jewelry being sold at these jewelry stores, and it is the sales persons job to sell. In case you were not aware jewelry stores pay their employees commission fee’s, bonuses, and operate on weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly quotas.  Sales is extremely important and they will do whatever it takes for you to buy their jewelry.

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How To Tell If Gold Is Real

Here are a few tips to follow to make sure you are buying real gold.

  1. Gold and Silver are NOT magnetic therefore if the jewelry sticks to a magnet you can know immediately it is not gold.
  2. Look for Hallmarks, jewelry should be stamped 10k (417), 14k (585), or 18k(750). If the jewelry is stamped with EP or GP it means it is plated.
  3. Gold will never turn green, or have a bronze color. If you see green spots or the piece looks dull, faded, a color between copper and bronze it is not real gold.
  4. If it looks extremely exaggerated yellow, or  a really heavy piece, it most likely is not gold.

How To Tell If Gold Is Real | Other Factors To Consider:

  1. Do Not buy any gold from someone selling it on the streets. Most likely it is a scam with bad intentions. If it seems too good to be true, it’s probably not true.
  2. If your purchasing gold at a jewelry store ask the sales associate if the piece is solid gold or is it gold plated?
  3. Have the sales associate test the jewelry in front of you before you pay.
  4. Ask how many karats / purity the piece you are buying is. Gold comes in 10k, 14k, or 18k,  the higher the karat the more value it has.

If you are in the Los Angeles County area you are always welcomed to bring in your jewelry and we will test and authenticate for you.

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