Laptops And Tablets On Sale This Holiday Season

cash-electronics-banner Get the hottest laptops and electronics this Holiday Season at the Gold Exchange Pawn Shop! We have the latest brands at low prices!

Sales List

  • Apple (Macbook Air, iMac, iPads)
  • Sony Vaio Laptops
  • Tablets (Android, Nook, Kindle Fire, Nexus, Galaxy)
  • LED Tv’s
  • Canon Digital Cameras
  • Game Consoles (XBox 360, PS3, Wii, DS)
  • Power Tools
  • and much more..

Need Cash? Don’t worry we have you covered! We will make you a cash offer for your electronics! Don’t want to sell? No problem! Receive an collateral loan (Pawn) for your devices! Our loans are for four months with low interest rates!

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