About Us

Story of Establishment

Established in 1979 Gold Exchange is Huntington Park’s largest Pawn Shop. What makes us different from traditional Pawn Shops is the special attention our customers receive. We understand that every customer is different, and not all circumstances are the same. Our staff is friendly, and always ready to help any person in need of extra cash!

We offer a variety of financial services that are tailored to fit for every person. Here are just a few services that the Gold Exchange has to offer:

  1. Pawn Shop
  2. Cash For Gold
  3. Cash For Electronics
  4. Car Title Loans
  5. Auto Pawn

We have the quick cash that you need now! We are open 7 days a week! We invite you to Visit Us, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is standing by ready to answer any questions you may have.

Gold Exchange Pawn Shop

Why We Exist

We don’t believe in loaning money, we believe in loaning a helping hand. Our goal is to ensure that everyone who walks into our business will be treated with the 3 basic Human elements Respect, Honesty, and Fairness. Our most valuable treasure is helping people by providing an affordable financial solution. Borrow money without losing your dignity.

Our History

Growing up in the East Coast our CEO moved to California in pursuit of the American dream. With $2,000 and the determination to succeed, he established Gold Exchange in 1979. Originally our store was located next to the historic Lyric Theatre. However in the 1990’s during the Los Angeles riots our building was burned.

Not willing to succumb to the pressure and quit, we worked hard and rebuilt. Our store was eventually relocated to Huntington Park and has been here for nearly three decades.

With hard work and integrity we have grown to become the largest Pawn Shop and Cash For Gold store in our community. Throughout the years we have had the pleasure to serve nearly 93% of Huntington Park residents.

Top 7 Reasons Customers Choose Gold Exchange Pawn Shop

1. Get The Cash YOU Need Within Minutes
2. Transactions Are Private & Confidential
3. Items Are Stored Safely & Secure
4. Up To 4 Months To Repay Loan
5. Discounts On Interest Fee’s
6. No Monthly Payment Required
7. No Need To Call In Advance To Take Your Items Out

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