Scrap Gold Buyers Huntington Park

What Is Scrap Gold

scrap gold buyers huntington park You probably have seen the signs “Cash 4 Gold” or the tv commercials offering to pay you money for your unwanted gold. With the rising price of gold many people are going through their jewelry box looking to cash out on their gold and silver jewelry. You may notice there is a ring missing a stone, or a necklace with a broken clasp that you never got around to fix. Maybe you may find earrings that are mismatched, or jewelry that is simply damaged. This is what most jewelers consider to be scrap gold. Does this mean that scrap gold does not have the same value as gold jewelry?

Scrap Gold Buyers Huntington Park – Is My Scrap Gold Worth Less?

When it comes to selling jewelry most people will sell the broken, damaged mismatched pieces and think because the jewelry is damaged they are worth less. Typically gold buyers will buy jewelry by the weight. The heavier the ring the more cash you get. Think of this concept as recycling aluminum cans, the more cans you have the more cash you will receive. Please keep in mind that just as the price of metal and gas change frequently so does the price of gold and silver. You may get a quote for some jewelry and return a week later and the price may be lower or it may be higher, it all depends what the current price of gold is the day you go and sell.

In conclusion, keep in mind that most jewelry purchased by a gold buyer is most likely going to be melted at the end of the day.  Just because your ring is missing a stone or you don’t have the other earring does not mean it is worth less money.




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