Jewelry Buyers Los Angeles

jewelry buyers los angelesWith foreclosures and unemployment at an all time high many people are struggling in todays economy. Did you know most people are not aware that they may have hundreds maybe even thousands dollars stashed in their home? It’s time for you to check your jewelry box and see how much cash you have.

Most individuals at one point will receive gold jewelry as a gift. Typically as a Wedding, Baptism, Sweet 16, or Graduation gift. With gold values being stronger than ever many people are selling their old jewelry and getting high cash payouts. Please be aware that you can also get a loan on your jewelry if you don’t want to sell it.

Jewelry Buyers Los Angeles – How Do I Know If My Jewelry Is Gold?

Not sure if your jewelry is gold? We invite you bring your jewelry and we will check it for you, with absolutely no pressure to sell. Our professional staff will verify the authenticity of your gold and determine the karat. We will help you make an informed selling decision based on current gold market conditions. We invite you to visit our Contact Page if you would like us to appraise your jewelry.

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