Gold Update

gold-jewelryGreat news for gold investors! Gold market opens today at $1302. Within the last few months the priced of gold has dropped significantly. As the price begins to slightly rise many are wondering, How does this affect me?

Well it all depends. If you own a good amount of gold jewelry, your investment just went slightly up. If you sold all your jewelry with the whole cash for gold craze now is a good time to buy jewelry at a decent price.

We recommend to buy jewelry from a reputable jeweler preferably located in the jewelry district in Down Town Los Angeles. You will get a better deal on gold jewelry rather than going to the mall and over paying.

Did you know large retailers such as Don Roberto’s, Kay Jewelers, buy their gold pieces from gold dealers in the jewelry district. It’s true! They buy it wholesale and retail it out, for as much as they can get.

Avoid buying jewelry at the mall or department stores. Chances are you are over paying and dealing with a commissioned paid employee. You want the best deal go the source!

Buy 14k or if possible 18K jewelry. The higher the karat the more money your likely to make with your investment. Also the heavier the better. The more it weighs the more gold it has, the more gold it has, the higher the value!

In conclusion if you own gold, hold on to it as the prices look to be on the rise. If you don’t own any or sold what you had now is a good time to go buy.

As always if your ever in a financial need don’t feel obligated to sell your gold jewelry. We offer a four month, cash loan with low interest rates.

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