Here’s How The Closest Pawn Shop In My Area Helped Me Get Money

closest pawn shop in my areaDid you know the average person overspends and is in need of cash by the end of the month? With payday weeks away people are always searching for ways to get a fast cash loan. Here’s how the closest pawn shop in my area can help you get cash.

How Closest Pawn Shop In My Area Work?

Getting a cash loan from a pawn shop is fast and convenient. Bring in an item of value and use it as collateral. You have up to four months to repay your loan. Interest fee’s vary on the amount you borrow however we offer a discount if you take out your item before the due date. There is no credit check required, and all you need is a valid form of ID and be 18 years of age.

People choose to use closest pawn shop in my area as opposed to a credit card because there is no monthly payments. You simply pay back your loan within four months. Our clients have the option to pay the interest fee and renew their loan and receive an additional four months.

Here Are 5 Popular Items You Can Use As Collateral For A Cash Loan

Fine Gold Jewelry
Gold & Silver Coins
Luxury Watches (Rolex, Omega, Cartier)
Electronic Devices (Apple Macbook Pro, iPad Pro, Windows Surface Pro, iPad Air 2, Sony Playstation 4)
Designer Handbags (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, YSL, Burberry)

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Top 7 Reasons People Choose Pawn Shop Near Me To Get Cash

1. Get The Cash YOU Need Within Minutes
2. Transactions Are Private & Confidential
3. Items Are Stored Safely & Secure
4. Up To 4 Months To Repay Loan
5. Discounts On Interest Fee’s
6. No Monthly Payment Required
7. No Need To Call In Advance To Take Your Items Out

Gold Exchange is the closest pawn shop in my area that offers instant cash loans on anything of value. We have had the privilege of serving over 90% of Huntington Park residents and surrounding cities. Check out our google reviews and facebook reviews!

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