Car Title Loans

Get Cash In Your Pocket In Today! Need cash? Do you own a vehicle? Get cash in as little as 30 minutes! Apply for a title loan today and drive off with cash in your pocket! Bad credit? No problem! Title loans are based on the value of your vehicle not your credit score. Let’s face it you need a car in California! We can loan you money on your vehicle and the best part is you can keep the car!

Applying for a title loan is simple. If your car is paid off or almost paid off you may be eligible to qualify for a car title loan. Here is what you will need to bring with you.

  1. Valid Drivers License
  2. Pink Slip To Your Vehicle
  3. Proof Of Insurance
  4. Registration
  5. Proof Of Income (Current Pay Check Stub)

Click Here For Complete List Of Documents You Will Need To Bring With You

Car Title Loans Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money Can I Borrow?

That depends on the value of your vehicle. Our title loans start $2,500. The amount you borrow will based on the actual cash value of your vehicle.

Is There A Minimum Amount My Car Must Be Worth?

Yes, your car must be worth at least $4,000 (Actual Cash Value) in order for you to borrow money.

Do I Need To Be A California Resident?


Who Keeps The Car?

The advantage of a title loan is that you can keep the car to drive!

Does My Car Have To Be Paid Off?

It depends, every circumstance is different. We require that vehicles be paid off in order to qualify for a title loan. However you may still be able to qualify depending on what your current loan balance is on the vehicle.

What Do I Need To Bring With Me?

Drivers license, pink slip, & proof of insurance.

Do I Need To Have Good Credit To Qualify For A Title Loan?

No. Our title loans are based the current actual cash value of the vehicle, and not your credit score.

Do I Need To Be Employed To Qualify?


What If I’m On Disability Or Retired?

We still may be able to qualify, please call us 323-588-0262

How Long Does The Process Take?

It varies, you can usually expect to drive off with cash within 30 minutes.

Where Are You Located?

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